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Bisbee Science Lab Policies

Lab Culture

Science First
In the Lab, all are scientists
Approach tasks with a science eye and mind

Utilize Opportunities!
We are thankful to experience new things every week!
There is much to see and do; so ask for help or ask for company

Practice Caring Touch
With other people and beings
With equipment and place

Fridays 10am-4pm

Tinker Time 10am-12pm

The Tinker Room will be open with a variety of building and engineering activities designed for small motor functions and getting the gears turning in the head. This is a personal device-free zone!

Lunch Break 12pm-1pm

The VR Room will be open and available for free time to use the VR system, eat snacks, use personal devices, and chill out. Lunch must be provided by parents/guardians for all day scientists.

Ologies 1pm-3pm

Ology means a subject of study; a branch of knowledge. Participate in the main event, focusing on one or more fields of science. This could take place in any room or outside, you’ll have to join to find out!

VR and Chill and Read 3pm-4pm

The VR Room will be open and available for free time to use the VR System, eat snacks, use personal devices and chill out. The Library will prepare a selection of books related to the day’s topic.

Please Note: Only the room with the current activity will be open. The Patio and Pavilion are always an option with supervision. Visitors may not enter the Library without supervision or prior permission from library staff. 

Visitors will...

Receive a lanyard, nametag, science journal, and reusable water bottle
Receive a Library Card that lives at the Lab
Have 10 minutes of personal VR time
Be able to choose a 20 minute 3D print
Have access to Lab snacks after personal meals

Drop-in Programs

The Bisbee Science Lab operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and provides informal Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) learning.  Programming is offered throughout the year on a drop-in basis.  Participants can come and leave anytime during operating hours. 


Please note: The Bisbee Science Lab is NOT a child-care facility, nor is it an accredited school.

As a free, drop-in program, Bisbee Science Lab does not monitor or dictate when participants come and go.  For unattended participants 8 years old and older, it is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to assure that the child safely arrives to and departs from the Lab. Parents/guardians may work with the Program Director to discuss a child’s special needs when visiting the Lab. We want every participant to have a safe, positive learning experience. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to discuss their child’s participation and any concerns they may have regarding their child’s presence or absence at the Lab with their child and also with the Program Director. The Bisbee Science Lab cannot be held responsible for children left unattended.

The Bisbee Science Lab welcomes visitors of all ages.  Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Each participant must be signed in when entering the Lab.  Unattended children 8 and over will be asked to provide at least two phone numbers for parents/guardians who can receive calls during their visit to the Lab.  Parents/Guardians may wish to equip their children with information they can carry with them that has names and contact numbers of parents/guardians.

We adhere to ADA regulations and welcome persons of all abilities as well as service animals. Staff may ask whether or not an animal is a certified service animal. All service animals must be under constant control of their owner and on leash. Persons in need of accommodation may call the Lab to discuss a participants’ additional needs and how we might help them to take part at the Lab.

While visiting the Bisbee Science Lab, all participants must follow safety and security rules posted in each room and in the hallway and respond to staff requests and directions.


Programming at the Bisbee Science Lab includes informal science, technology, engineering, and math.  Topics vary each week based on themes for the month.  While the Lab staff and program developers are respectful of both the religious and political positions of its participants, it does not adhere to any religious or political doctrine with regard to curriculum, activities, or instruction. 

Parents/guardians who wish to review themes, topics, activity schedules, etc. may contact the Program Director or check the website for updates. 

Programs are held in two classrooms at our 519 Melody Lane facility as well as in the Backyard and Pavilion.   Paid staff, volunteers, and high school interns present programs, assist participants, and provide safety and policy oversight when participants are on-sight both indoors and outside.

Children have access to outdoor play areas and equipment.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to supply their children with appropriate clothing for the weather, a water bottle, and any weather-related protective gear.  

Materials and supplies for programs are provided at no charge.

If the Bisbee Science Lab conducts programming off site or engages in field trip events, participants will be required to present parent/guardian permission and waiver forms before the event.  Events that require participation permission and waiver will be posted on the website and include the necessary forms  Participants at the Lab may also take a hard copy of the permission and waiver slip home for approval.

Safety glasses, protective equipment such as gloves, and other safety materials are provided to participants when activities require them.  Any injury sustained by a participant will be addressed at the appropriate level.  Injuries that require more than simple first aid will be addressed by the City of Bisbee Paramedics and EMTs through the 911 dispatching system.


General Inquiries – – +1 (520) 210-5847
Samantha Goerlich, Science Friday Coordinator –
Amie Esteves, Program Director –

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