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Science Experiment

This is our first ever fundraising campaign! Thank you for your continued support of our programs and staff. 

Hanging LED Desertscape Instructions

You will need: 

Scissors, Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils

(You can find these online or at the Bisbee Science Lab.)

Cut Out Template (Print Front & Back)

10MM LED Light 

Copper Tape

CR2032 Battery 


instruction 1.jpg

End Of Year Fundraiser 2022

STEP 1: Cut & Color

Cut out and color your hanging landscape!

Don't forget to cut out the hole to hang it later on!

STEP 2: Add LED Light
Using a pen or your scissors, poke out the two small holes indicated on the circuit side of your project for the two legs of your LED light. 
Thread your LED legs through the holes from the front using the long leg / short leg orientation indicated on the circuit side of your project. 
Bend the legs to the positions shown. 

STEP 3: Tape Paths
Measure, cut, peel, and stick the copper tape pathways "a, b, c, d" as shown on the circuit side. 
Make and stick a copper tape loop and make sure it connects to path "a".

STEP 4: Battery Install

Stick battery atop the tape look with the "+" side facing up.

Measure, cut, peel, and stick the final tape segment "e" as shown on the diagram and place on top of the battery.

At this point, the LED should turn on!

STEP 5: Hang It Up!

Feed your string through the hole at the top and tie a knot at the end.

Hang your light up desert scape!

STEP 6: Share or Change It Up!
We want to see what you made! Send us your photos at or on our Instagram or Facebook Page! (Bisbee Science Lab)

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