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End of Year Donor Campaign

As the seasons change, the celestial wonders above remind us of the infinite mysteries waiting to be unraveled. The magic of the holidays becomes even more profound when we connect it to the boundless universe. Just as astronomers explore the cosmos, we, too, embark on a celestial adventure that promises to light up the world with the brilliance of knowledge and the awe of the unknown. This holiday season, let the mysteries of the cosmos kindle the flame of curiosity in our hearts and guide us to a future where we can all pursue our curiosities. 

If you wish to become a supporter of BSERC and its vision to create opportunities for the development of scientific literacy and innovative solutions in order to build resiliency in our rural, borderland communities; please consider signing-up to receive our End of Year Donor Packet. Included will be a receipt for your tax deductible gift, access to the 75% Schematic Design of the Backyard Project, Number statistic on BSERC's impact, as well as an interactive astronomy project that gets your fingers tinkering and your mind expanding. 

A sincere thank you, to those that have already given so much to our community organization and to those of you yet to be a part of our BSERC family. When you join the Bisbee Science Lab family of donors, you will receive advance notice of special events and we will recognize your contribution in our annual report – letting the community know that YOU are helping bring science to life for all of us.

Sign Up to Receive the Donor Packet

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