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BSERC and its subsidiary the Bisbee Science Lab are dedicated to bringing hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education to Cochise County and beyond.


As part of this effort to promote STEAM, and thanks to generous donations from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Freeport McMoRan (FMI), and various other sources, BSERC travels to different schools, community events, and after school programs with its mobile lab, Sky Island STEAM Express. 


This mobile lab brings a rotation of locally sourced science exhibits to youth in the county, introducing them to various scientific topics through fun, hands-on activities.


This is where you come in! 


The Bisbee Science Lab is looking to create a mobile lab exhibit on Entomology that touches upon:

Pollinators, Insects’ Role in the Ecosystem, & Insect Biodiversity


We're looking for collaborators to help with:



Are you an entomology expert or enthusiast? Have a background in entomological research? Just know a lot about bugs? We want to hear what you have to say! We are looking for individuals to provide locally relevant information on pollinators, insects’ role in sky island ecosystems, and insect biodiversity for this exhibit. 



Do you love design? Have a great idea about what an entomology exhibit should look like? Are you very excited about conceptualizing this exhibit? We’re looking for people to help design our exhibits to be eye-catching and versatile. We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Execution &


Do you have a knack for building things? Do you woodwork, weld, paint, or fabricate unique pieces of art? Are you interested in building pieces that will help students learn about bugs? We’re looking for individuals that can help build the exhibit from the ground up. We’d love to have your help!

Curriculum Development

Are you a current or former educator? Have experience in designing curriculum or leading educational group activities? Do you want to inspire a love for STEAM in our community? We’re looking for community members to help in designing engaging, hands-on curriculum to bring our exhibit to life!


Have other ideas or ways you can help? Let us know! 


The Exhibit Must:

Be Mobile

All exhibit materials will travel with our mobile lab, Sky Island STEAM Express in our 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. Independent exhibit materials should weigh no more than 50 lbs.

 Experienced in 45 min - 1 hr

Groups of schoolchildren often have 45 min - 1 hr to experience the exhibit. Students should be able to gain most of what an exhibit has to offer in this time.

Be Easily Facilitated

As exhibits travel throughout the county, they are facilitated by local high school and adult volunteers. These volunteers are usually briefed beforehand on their responsibilities, but it is best if the exhibit and associated activities are easily facilitated. No need to be over complicated!

Be Able to Accomodate 50-70 Students at a Time

Past and current exhibits have accomplished this by dividing the exhibit up into 5 unique “stations” which can engage up to 15 kids at a time. 

Serve K-12 Students

The exhibit will be traveling to schools all over Cochise County, visiting kindergarteners to high school seniors. The exhibit must be engaging enough for this entire age range. Past and current exhibits have accomplished this through providing a different curriculum for K-5 and 6-12 grades.

Be Relevant

We pride ourselves on creating exhibits which are locally relevant to our community members! Exhibits should contain information pertinent to Southeastern Arizona and be able to be presented bilingually.

Convocatoria abierta para propuestas de exhibición educativa STEAM.

El Bisbee Science Exploration and Research Center (Bisbee Science Lab) se enorgullece de anunciar que nuestra convocatoria de exposiciones está oficialmente abierta. Si usted o alguno de sus asociados está interesado en presentar una propuesta para crear una exhibición de ciencia que viajará por todo el condado de Cochise como parte de nuestro laboratorio móvil, Sky Island STEAM Express, consulte la información a continuación sobre las fechas límite y utilice los documentos adjuntos para guíe su proceso de propuesta.










Marta Schoenle

Megan Ewbank

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