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Explore science exhibits about research happening right here in southern Arizona. Check in regularly to see what’s new and let us know what you think.  We want your feedback on STEM exhibit and STEM learning ideas for a permanent science center in our region.

Discover science and technology through our new Virtual Reality stations.


In 2017, the City of Bisbee, Freeport McMoRan (FMI), M. Greene Planning & Resource Development, Rural Activation and Innovation Network (RAIN), and University of Arizona South’s Education Department came together to discuss mutual interests and how each might achieve their individual goals and objectives through a collaborative economic and education development endeavor.  To that end, these five organizations determined that a feasibility study was required to examine the formation of a multi-faceted, non-profit, science exploration and research center that could (1) promote tourism, (2) provide experiential science learning activities for students; (3) facilitate the professional development of teachers; and (4) support ongoing STEM research; thereby substantially improving the overall economic and education outlook and conditions for Bisbee.


With USDA funding and financial support from FMI, Arizona Public Service (APS), RAIN, as well as volunteer support from University of Arizona South, the City of Bisbee, and M. Greene Planning & Resource Development the feasibility study was completed in August 2018.  The Study suggested the project was feasible and in October 2018, a second USDA grant along with financial support from partners and sponsors helped to open a store-front, pop-up science center on Main Street in Bisbee.


The Bisbee Science Lab, located at 24 Main Street in old Bisbee is operated as part of the Design Phase for a permanent Science Center.  The Lab hosts Science Café, a lecture series, provides exhibits in support of that series, and develops exhibit based experiences for people to be engaged in regional scientific research.  Utilizing Virtual and Augmented Reality technology, visitors can learn about a variety of scientific and technology based programs that reach beyond our region and even beyond our planet.  Data collected from visitors will inform the development of a permanent science center and the types of exhibits that are most interesting and useful in providing an informal learning experience for the visitor.

Tabla de Directores

Etta Kralovec, Universidad de Arizona Sur, Presidenta

Robert Quinanar, Freeport - McMoRan, Vice Presidente

Melanie Greene, M. Greene Planeación y Desarrollo de Recursos, Secretario/Tesorero

Kal Mannis, Red Rural Activists e Innovadora

David Smith, Alcalde, Ciudad de Bisbee


Tabla de Consejeros

Carrie Gustavson | Presidente Ejecutivo | Museo Histórico y Minero de Bisbee 

Thora Colot | Consultora | Museos

Mark Apel | Agentes de Divulgación | Universidad de Arizona

Allison Brody | Directora de STEM Centro de Desarrollo de Educación y Personal en Explora

Paul Martin | Investigador Profesional | Escuela para el Futuro de la Invasión en la Sociedad

Jose Hinojos | Maestro | Escuela Secundario de Douglas

Shipherd Reed | Director Asociado | Centro Científico y Planetario Flandrau

Eric Meyer | Universidad de Arizona


Melanie Greene, Manager de Proyectos y Directora de Desarrollo

Frank Davis, Manager de Instalaciones

Etta Kralovec, Investigadora Principal y Exhibidora de Coordinación

Kal Mannis, Co-PI y Jefe de Educacion

Mark Apel, Science Café Lead

Ozni Preciado and Alicia Raber, Cochise College Interns

Spanish translations by:

Martin Ozuna, Zolhangel Acosta, Odalys Rodriquez, Fernanda Morales, Cesar Francisco, Briseño Flores, Evelyn Lorenza, Montoya Gallardo, Ahilyn Alejandra, García Palazuelos

Visit kiosks that provide information about other STEM programming/opportunities in Cochise County and Southern Arizona.

Purchase STEM based gifts and learning tools.


Bisbee Science Lab in San Jose!

May 10th, 12:30-2:00

In conjunction with the Copper Queen Library Annex Ice Cream Social!

Science Friday: Water Cycle and Make a Terrarium

May 3rd, 10:30am

BSL at 24 Main St.

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