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Biological Structures & Functions

Spring 2021

In conjunction with the acquisition of a full Minke Whale skeleton from College of the Atlantic, this exhibit explores how bones give our bodies structure! Explore how bone structures allow different animals to do different tasks, build your own paper skeleton, look at bones through a microscope, and much more! 


Proposed by two University of Arizona PhD students, Marta Schoenle & Megan Ewbank, this exhibit traveled as part of the Sky Island STEAM Express’s inaugural trip through Cochise County. We are so excited for this exhibit, and want to thank Marta & Megan, as well as IMLS and the BSERC Team that make this all possible!

Our "Bones" exhibit has visited roughly 3,000 students in 19 Cochise County Schools!

Interested in borrowing the "Bones" exhibit for your classroom?

Contact us at!


Marta Schoenle


Megan Ewbank


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