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Mobile Lab Exhibits

The Sky Island STEAM Express is our mobile lab that visits several different schools in Southern Arizona. The lab exhibits have different topics and are co-created with interested community members, students, and partners including the University of Arizona. Check out our exhibits below!


In conjunction with the acquisition of a full Minke Whale skeleton from College of the Atlantic, this exhibit explores how bones give our bodies structure and allow animals to perform unique tasks!  Exhibit activities include building your own paper skeleton, looking at bones through a microscope, and much more! 

Based on an emerging agricultural system, our Agrivoltaics exhibit explores the symbiotic relationship between renewable energy production, water conservation, and crop production. Build a miniature Agrivoltaics system and test how it might benefit plants, water conservation, solar panels, and people! 

solar trailer 1.jpg

This mobile lab brings a rotation of locally sourced science exhibits to youth in the county, introducing them to various scientific topics through fun, hands-on activities.


This exhibit is focused on hydrology, understanding and protecting our local water systems, and our connections to water. 

Our exciting new exhibit explores insects' important roles in the ecosystem! Within this exhibit, students get the chance to hold live insects, look for them in their schoolyards, put on insect visions goggles to be insects, and much more! A dynamic exhibit packed with hands-on activities, "Exciting Entomology" brings kids up close and personal to their bug neighbors.

Image by Duong Thinh
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