Help the Bisbee Science Lab bring a Minke Whale to Bisbee!

Minke Whales are found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; the closest living in the Sea of Cortez, just five hours south-west of Bisbee.

The Bisbee Science Lab is working to bring a Minke whale skeleton to Bisbee, allowing visitors to see, first hand, the structure of these magnificent creatures and learn what the Minke has in common with us humans.

To bring this amazing exhibit to Bisbee as its new permanent home, we must raise $9,000 before March.  Donate now and help this particular Minke migrate south from Maine to Bisbee.

The Bisbee Science Lab is open and free to the public and donor-funded. Every contribution goes towards supporting  STEAM related educational activities. Make a donation today!

Make a contribution to our Campaign to bring a Minke Whale to Bisbee here.

An experiment in progress

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