Welcome to our new Science at Home Resource Page!

We want to encourage students to take advantage of this time away from traditional schooling due to the COVID-19 crisis to explore alternative educational opportunities at home. We have gathered some great resources to explore below:

Science Fridays are now online!

Check out our new Science Friday page here and begin exploring our weekly activities. New activities will go live every Friday at 1pm.

Free Bagged Breakfast/Lunch

With school being closed, many families that rely on free and reduced lunches are struggling. If you need a meal, there are food resources available at

519 Melody Lane, Bisbee, AZ.


They are distributing free, bagged breakfast/lunch for students out of school. Please share this resource, so the community is aware of this option!

A series of workshops to share practical tips, virtual experiments and other concrete tools.

Virtual science talks presented by UA researchers showcasing cutting-edge science.

Watch a virtual field trip and get to know your national marine sanctuaries

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Education resources and experiments

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3 DIY project videos a day

NASA-funded project that provides simulated scientific instrumentation for students and researchers

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