Welcome to our new Science at Home Resource Page!

We want to encourage students to take advantage of this time away from traditional schooling due to the COVID-19 crisis to explore alternative educational opportunities at home. We have gathered some great resources to explore below:

Science Fridays are now online!

Check out our new Science Friday page here and begin exploring our weekly activities. The program is currently on hold while we develop some new hybrid STEAM lessons! 

A series of workshops to share practical tips, virtual experiments and other concrete tools.

Virtual science talks presented by UA researchers showcasing cutting-edge science.

Watch a virtual field trip and get to know your national marine sanctuaries

Birds and Butterflies in your Backyard - A Kid-Friendly Webinar

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Education resources and experiments

Education resources and experiments

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3 DIY project videos a day

Resource for teaching science

Hands-on Activities and Resources to Try at Home

NASA STEM Activities and Fun Things to do @ Home

Supporting weather and climate learning

Learn about earthquakes and earth-science topics

Supporting the teaching and learning of biology

Learn about the science of chemistry

NASA-funded project that provides simulated scientific instrumentation for students and researchers