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The Mission of the Bisbee Science Exploration and Research Center, Inc. is to foster the exploration, teaching, and practice of science for the development of scientific literacy by the public and the encouragement of the scientific inquiries needed for the betterment of our lives.

2023 Strategic Priorities

Each year the Board of Directors identifies strategic priorities for the Bisbee Science Exploration & Research Center.  These priorities guide our activities and inform the financial and programming resources needed for the coming year.

1. Administration

  • Increase the number of grants proposed in support of prioritized programs.

  • Ensure grant proposals cover staff and overhead costs.

  • Further develop grant management systems to assure timely reporting and drawdown of funds.

  • Schedule quarterly Board meetings in advance.

  • Diversify Board & committees to include more persons of color and younger members.

  • Identify and organize collected data.

  • Create monthly and quarterly income and expense reports.

  • Identify person to recruit, train, and manage volunteers for Administration & Programming efforts.

  • Seek funding to pay stipend to Coordinator.

  • Develop annual fundraising strategies. 

  • Identify potential sources for a $5M endowment.

  • Identify campaign chairperson among community and network and establish campaign committee.

  • Review and recommend endowment structure.

  • Develop marketing strategy for community, regional, state, and national participation in endowment development.

  • Utilize regional newspapers with monthly press releases and ads when programming is scheduled. 

  • Make routine posts through Social Media, and release ads when applicable.

  • Continually train high school interns on safety protocols, self empowerment, public speaking, working with children, college prep, and life skills.

  • Train staff on exhibit development, budgeting & Excel, grant writing, STEAM education, and Spanish.

  • Develop Board Orientation package.

2. Bisbee Science Lab Annex Programming

  • Continue to enhance partnerships for imported programming from other entities for Science Fridays.

  • Develop more School-based field trips to BSL and other organizations' summer camp participants.

  • Develop after school club environment, support, and activity space for maker/tinker space.

  • Recruit Program Leader/Volunteer for Pie & Sky.

  • Develop after school club environment,   support, and activity space (i.e. high school robotics club, VR film production, wildlife cameras, Engineering challenges).

  • Determine data collection tools and scheduling in support of in-house program evaluation and funder reporting requirements.

3. Sky Island STEAM Express (Mobile Lab)​

  • Review and analyze calls for exhibit development support.

  • Solidify curriculum development based on themes and exhibits.

  • Identify additional site visit locations and develop relationships with school districts in those locations.

  • Determine data collection tools and scheduling in support of in-house program evaluation and funder reporting requirements.

  • Identify additional funding strategies. 

  • Standardize the development process. 

4. Backyard Project

  • Identify and hire a design team. 

  • Develop a shared community engagement plan. 

  • Using Engagement data, draft design for innovative use of space.

  • Finalize Concept/Design.

  • Develop cost estimates using professional designers/builders.

  • Share design with community partners.

  • Raise funds for the Build phase. 

5. Internship Program​

  • Retain, recruit, train, and schedule 4 high school interns at $12 p.h., 8 hours a week for 52 weeks, and 1 high school intern leader at $14 p.h., 10 hours a week plus Program Director time.

  • Website, Certificates, Letters, School Awards, Exit Interviews.

6. Science Cafés​

  • Continue developing Cafés based on participant input.

  • Connect Cafe speakers to program and project development. 

7. Master Naturalist Program​

  • Collect data and feedback from the program to adjust the second year. 

  • Continue to bring in new participants. 

  • Work with graduates as volunteers and supporters of BSERC. 

Strategic Priorities

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