Science Fridays 

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Science Fridays are a weekly learning event that is free to the public and open to children K-12. Participants will be able to learn about science by performing fun and exciting hands-on science experiments. It's loads of fun so make sure to bring your children! Science Fridays are held from 1:00 - 3:00 PM at 519 Melody Lane every Friday. This event is hosted by the Bisbee Science Lab in partnership with 4-H, the National Parks Service, and the Arizona Science Center. Tickets are not required. Entry is completely free and open to the public.


Fossil Finds

10th Ancient Human Diets

17th Coprolites: Fossilized Feces

24th Dinomite

31st How Fossils are Found


Mining and Minerals

7th Minerals in National Parks

14th Minerals in our Food

21st Mining for Agriculture

28th  Mining Create! Program


Amazing Astronomy

6th Constellation Build

13th Lunar Exploration

20th Nisenet

27th Rockets


Water Wonders

3rd Water at our National Parks

10th Water Conservation

17th Interactive Watershed Model

24th Microorganisms in Water



Exciting Electronics

1st Electronic Equipment at National Parks

8th Electrical Fruit

15th Building Circuit Boards

22nd Circuit Party (Create!)

29th Squishy Circuits 

*Transportation Assistance Offered*

If your child would like to attend any of our events but is unable due to transportation issues, the Bisbee Science Lab offers free bus passes to children 8+. For more information please email us at bisbeesciencelab@gmail.com


If you have any questions about the Bisbee Science Lab or any of our events, please email us at bisbeesciencelab@gmail.com

Free Bus Passes

Free bus passes are offered to kids who need transportation to the Annex or Lab for this and all other BSL programs and can be arranged for by calling 520-255-3274 or emailing bisbeesciencelab@gmail.com. Make plans to go full STEAM ahead with us this summer!

Border BioBlitz

Postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Date: March 28th + 29th 

Time: 8 am - 1 pm

Location: San Pedro Riparian area south of Palominas

and Bisbee Science Lab Annex 519 Melody Lane, Bisbee 


The Border BioBlitz is a community science effort to record as many species as possible along both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Go to nextgensd.com/border-bioblitz-2020/ for more info.

A preliminary meeting will take place on March 21st at noon at the BSL Annex.


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