Science Café

Gardening with Wildlife

With guest speaker Valerie Morrill


Sunday, June 12th

3:00-6:00 pm

Bisbee Science Lab at 519 W Melody Lane

Whether your home’s outdoor space is an apartment balcony or a sprawling ranch, learn how to create a garden that attracts native wildlife and helps to restore habitat in Arizona’s urban, suburban and rural areas. Using resources such as the Certified Wildlife Habitat® program sanctioned by the National Wildlife Federation, learn how to sustainably provide food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young in your own backyard. At the same time learn how to respond to problems with nuisance wildlife and feral animals. Turning your space into a welcoming haven for local wildlife is fun, easy and makes a big difference for Arizona's native wildlife, be they birds, bats or butterflies.

As a field exercise, the group will prepare the documentation to apply for wildlife habitat certification for the meeting venue. Attendees are encouraged to bring photos or sketches of their own gardens for discussion.


Pie & Sky

Astronomy Event for the Whole Family

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June 3rd

7:00 - 9:00 pm

519 W Melody Lane

Join us for a night of stargazing with local astronomy experts and enthusiasts! Grab a free slice of pizza, sit down, and enjoy using the Bisbee Science Lab's telescopes. Come inside for more astronomy games and activities, and tour the international space station in Virtual Reality! Fun for the whole family!

Free and open to the public.

Expanded Summer Programming

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!

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Tuesday, May 31st - Friday July 22nd

Looking for something fun to do with your children this summer? Visit the Bisbee Science Lab for some sizzling fun science!

Free and open to the public.

Open Lab Hours & Science Fridays 

Join us for Science Fridays!

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10:00 am - 5:00 pm

519 W Melody Lane

The Bisbee Science Lab is now open to the public on Fridays for in-person programming. Join us for our Open Lab Hours and Science Fridays. From 10:00-5:00 participants can explore the lab, play with any materials available, and engage with the staff. From 2:00-4:00, children are encouraged to participate in "Science Friday" activities covering a wide variety of scientific topics, run by community partner organizations.

Participants will engage in fun experiments, learn exciting new things, and explore the world of science!

Free and open to the public.

*Transportation Assistance Offered*

If your child would like to attend any of our events but is unable due to transportation issues, the Bisbee Science Lab offers free bus passes to children 8+. For more information please email us at bisbeesciencelab@gmail.com


If you have any questions about the Bisbee Science Lab or any of our events, please email us at bisbeesciencelab@gmail.com


Sky Island STEAM Express

Our mobile lab project, Sky Island STEAM Express, is on the road! Funded by the Rural Activation and Innovation Network, this mobile science lab is travelling throughout Cochise County, bringing interactive STEAM programming to even our most rural residents. Participants engage in hands-on learning opportunities covering a wide range of scientific topics. 

Check out the Sky Island STEAM Express Page for information on when the lab will be visiting your Cochise County Community

Want to act as a community liaison, helping to bring Sky Island STEAM Express to your Cochise County community? Email us at bisbeesciencelab.org